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Siren Tamer

I’m very excited to showcase SIREN TAMER, the exciting new YA Paranormal by Sofia St. Angeles, which released October 28, 2014. Please take a minute to read what Siren Tamer is about and also enjoy an excerpt from the novel. I’m sure you’re going to want to obtain a copy of this excellent book from this new, up and coming author.


Book 1 of the Siren Tamer Series

By Sofia St. Angeles

YA Paranormal

I’m a Siren Tamer and she’s my Siren. We’re a legendary matched set that only occurs once every thousand years. When we’re together we’re at peace, and can conquer the world—literally. Apart, I can’t stop thinking about her, and . . . she could accidentally kill herself.

Crazy, huh? Well, it gets even better.

We know nothing of our powers. The few people who do know, have kept it from us our entire lives. But now, they know I’ve heard The Whisperings, and they’re running into some issues. One: How do they tell us what we’re capable of? And two: How can they get my Siren to stop hating my guts?

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“Are you sure he said he was coming today?”

My best friend, Rowem, was still quite concerned I might have dreamed the whole thing.

“Yes. And he said to have everyone ready.”

“For what exactly?”

I was pretty sure Rowem was just making fun of me now because he could. I had been a nervous wreck for the last two days. It still wasn’t clear to me what Nemmin was coming here for, and now I had all twenty-five leaders of the Band of Brothers gathered together for some unknown purpose. Try gathering a meeting during planting season with a big “I don’t know” for a reason. I used the only tactic I knew would work: food. And lots of it.

“I already told you,” I sighed at Rowem. “Now take off, and try not to embarrass me.”

He gave me a cross-eyed salute. “Yes, sir!”

I threw a roll at his chest.

The Band of Brothers was a group borne of necessity. Because of the sacrifice of our fathers, the patriarchal role had fallen to us, the eldest sons. It was incumbent upon us to protect our people, build our villages and city, and— to some degree— participate in the leadership and government of our lands. Responsibility for our people fell on us and we took it seriously.

Stepping forward, I tried not to show how intimidated I felt. “Welcome, Chief Captain Nemmin. This is my Band of Brothers. We are honored to have you here.” I extended my hand to the soldier standing on the right . He wore the bronze cuff of a captain, yet he was our age. He didn’t move an inch, if you didn’t count the narrowing of his eyes as he glanced from my outreached hand and back to the spot in space he’d been looking at. It was just a minute movement of the eyes but it spoke volumes.

Just then, Nemmin’s Striker arrived, flanked by the Strikers of two other Kahlotah soldiers, who appeared to be our age. After dismounting, they came to stand in front of us as we fell into loose ranks. We’d gathered on our makeshift ball field south of the city plaza.

I knew some animosity had developed between some of the Kahlotah and us . They resented the fact that their armies had been used to protect the Anonlah , who had once been their enemies. Who could blame them? I didn’t. I’d never witnessed the rancor up close and personal, though.

Drawing my hand back, I glanced over at Nemmin. His eyes seemed to apologize. I stepped back into the ranks. Nemmin stepped forward.

“Greetings, gentlemen . I appreciate that you were able to assemble so quickly,” he said. “I acknowledge I didn’t leave Gideon with much information or time to arrange this meeting but, as you will come to know, secrecy was preferable in this case.” Nemmin circled our group with a keen assessing eye. “The reputation that precedes you is an impressive one. Great enough to have reached the recruiter of the king of the Kahlotah, and notable enough to supersede a waiting list of many qualified Kahlotah hopefuls.”

We may all have been at attention, but the sound of the gears turning in our heads was nearly audible.

“A situation has arisen that requires our great king to make an extended journey. Of course, he has the royal guard to accompany him, but, as you may know, the king has a daughter, Princess Aliya. Nothing is more precious to His Majesty than the princess is, as his wife and son have gone on to The Great Spirit. King Marxius has assigned me the task of finding an exceptional team of warriors to form a guard assigned to Princess Aliya in his absence. You will be that team.”

dividerline1326 ~~~About the Author~~~

author picSofia St. Angeles is the debut author of Siren Tamer. She’s a stiletto-wearin’, pirouette-turnin’, book-lovin’ gal who loves to archetype people. Archetype people? Yeah. It’s a new character tool she’s developed. Okay. It’s really her obsession. She’s fascinated by what makes people and characters so great. Thus, she spends her spare time asking people all sorts of fun questions, really getting to know what makes them tick! In another life, she hopes to be a big-haired matchmaker somewhere in Texas. As of now, she lives with her hunky hubby in the land of vampires and werewolves.

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Siren Tamer


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