CIRCUIT BREAKERS By Jordan Billingsly & Brooke Carson – Spotlight at Janna Shay’s


I’m excited to spotlight the contemporary erotic romance, Circuit Breakers (Contract Negotiations), by co-authors Jordan Billingsly & Brooke Carson, which was released June 28, 2013.


Contract Negotiations-Circuit BreakersCIRCUIT BREAKERS

Contract Negotiations

By Jordan Billingsly                                        & Brooke Carson

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Sparks fly when office manager and frustrated cougar, Sydney Smith, makes the call to electrical contractor, Mitch .

When the contract negotiations become unexpectedly intense, Sydney’s pulse starts pounding and things start to combust.

Will Sydney grant Mitch the contract or will she blow a fuse?

You’ll definitely feel the charge while reading this steamy short!

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The first calls were standard…who we are, where we’re located, what we’re needing, etc. Then, I made the last call. Something happened, and I didn’t know what it was. His name was Mitch, and immediately his voice smoothly lulled me. All the doubts I was having about finding a contractor melted away, and a strumming spread through my inner electrical system causing my body to vibrate. At first, I started to wonder if I’d had too much caffeine this morning. I even found myself revealing more details about myself, in relation to contracting and electrical work, than I’d even thought of when I talked to the first contractors.

It just so happened, Mitch was going to be close enough to our office, later today, and was going to stop by to give us a bid. I hung up the phone and the intensity of my reaction to him amped me up. What the hell was going on?  Why was I feeling zings coursing through my whole body?  Suddenly, I couldn’t sit still.

Even knowing that it’d be a few hours until he arrived, I busied myself in the front office. Looking for anything to do to keep myself from sitting down…because I couldn’t, I even offered to help with the overdue filing, which I hated with a passion. My eyes kept drifting to the front door, in anticipation of his arrival.  I know everyone thought I’d lost my mind, and I was thinking the same thing, after realizing that I hadn’t sat down for over an hour.

THEN, he arrived.  I knew who he was, immediately, when I happened to see him standing outside our door. Sparks shot down my thighs and forearms, leaving me almost breathless and giddy at the same time. Tamp it down! I mentally warned myself before giving him access inside our domain.



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One Response to CIRCUIT BREAKERS By Jordan Billingsly & Brooke Carson – Spotlight at Janna Shay’s

  1. fuonlyknew says:

    Oh my! Looks like I’ll need surge protectors while reading this one Janna! LOL
    Yummy and going on my TBR!

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